Dancing in the Rain

I don’t, as a rule, make New Year’s Resolutions. They only lead to a sense of failure when, by the end of January, I have pigged out on a whole packet of biscuits or not been out for a run three times a week. But the start of a new year always seems to bring a sense of positivity. Sadly, that positivity can easily gets knocked back by the gloom of my depression and anxiety.
I know now that I will never be cured, that I will never be clear of Mental Health Issues. But I am learning to manage things, and that’s my hope for this year – that I will continue to improve, living more mindfully, getting the fresh air and space I need, improving my diet and enjoying the small moments of laughter and smiles that can so often be missed.
So with that in mind, these are my ‘resolutions’



Happy New Year! May it be blessed with happiness and rain dancing!

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