God is with me on my parenting journey

Two events in the last 24 hours have prompted this post; last night I read the Bible, this morning I went for a run. Nothing out of the ordinary for me, but today the two came together and got me thinking about me as a parent.


The Bible verse was Isaiah 30:21

Whether you turn to the right or to the left, your ears will hear a voice behind you, saying, “This is the way; walk in it.”

I read it last night, together with the study notes, listening to God telling me that He is there with me as I parent the girls. And then this morning, on my run, I thought about parenting as a journey, with each part of the journey being different.

Sometimes it is like the muddy field, which is tough going and a bit slippy, but actually better in the long run than hard pavements. And sometimes you need to take that beating on the hard pavement because it’s the quickest way.
Sometimes you need to make the decision whether to take the slow, gentle incline or the shorter, steeper path knowing that the hill had to be climbed somehow.
Sometimes the skies are grey and the wind is blowing in your face, sometimes the sun is shining. But whatever, there is beauty in the smallest things.
Sometimes the aches and pains feel too much, and you just have to focus on making each step at a time. Then sometimes you feel strong and your pace is lifted by the seemingly endless amount of energy.


My parenting journey has taken some twists and turns and I’m sure that won’t change as the 2 small girls grow. I am a very different parent to who I was nearly 6 years ago, having adjusted my path with the changing conditions.

And I know that God has been with me on each and every step of the journey. There have been times when I have forgotten about Him or ignored Him, but He has been there. He has helped me up those hills, given me a steady footing on the slippy mud, sheltered me from the wind and let me run free in the sunshine. Always there.


And now, as I reread that verse from Isaiah, I pray that as I continue my journey as a parent, I know that I can turn to God, to ask for His guidance and wisdom and to trust the path He takes me along.